Diamond Buyers Austin
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Diamond Buyers Austin

B&B Diamonds International

Your local Austin estate jewelry and diamond buyer since 1997


About us

B&B Diamonds International maintains a constant commitment to helping our clients make informed and knowledgeable decisions when selling their jewelry. Visit this site http://BandBDiamonds.com


What we do

We buy any jewelry of any description from the 1700s through modern and silver of any description.

Our Skills

We are knowledgeable in jewelry of all types and time periods and will answer any questions about a piece prior to and

after making an offer.

Diamond Buyers Austin
Gem Buyers Austin
Gold Buyers Austin
Jewelry Buyers Austin
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Estate Jewelry Buying at Calvin’s

B&B Diamonds International is the go-to estate jewelry and diamond buyer in Austin, TX. In operation since late 1997, B&B buys jewelry of any description from the 1700’s through the present. Calvin’s Fine Jewelry has the pleasure of working closely with the Estate Buyer who is extremely knowledgeable in time periods & jewelry of all types. Stop in on any Tuesday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. for a free consultation with the buyer. Bring in any of your unwanted jewelry for him to examine. He will gladly provide his expert opinion on what it is worth and make you an offer. Call for an appointment at 512.794.1911 today!


Unique Jewelry: The good, the bad and the ugly

Very frequently people call to set an appointment and tell me over the phone that I should be very excited as they designed the piece themselves and it’s one of a kind. When I get this call, I cringe and I’ll tell you why:

The Good – Everyone wants something unique. They want something individual which represents them as a person… but… they want it to represent THEM as a person, and it very unusual for more than one person to like the same very unique piece of jewelry.


The Bad – Although my personal taste affects what I offer on a piece of jewelry my ultimate determining factors are value and liquidity or in plain terms: how much is it worth and what can I get for it within a reasonable time frame. You might have a unique piece which is appraised for $5000 but if I don’t think I can get more than $1000 in thirty days I won’t offer over $800. I specifically think of an aquamarine ring I bought in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds… this ring was accompanied by an appraisal stating it’s value was $7000. That being said, the style was a little odd but I liked it so I bought it for $1000. Two years later I was tired of it and after shipping it to dealers and retailers all over the country the best offer I could get was $800 so I sold it at a loss rather than be stuck with it for another year.

The Ugly – It’s always been my policy to make an offer on literally anything but if your jewelry is one where I think it will take years to sell my offer will be one which could be perceived as insulting. B&B Diamonds is a business and businesses can’t survive by purchasing unsellable inventory so I’ll probably offer a price equivalent to the value of your components (the value of the gold and gemstones) and not make any allowances for labor or design.


By Appointment Only

For information about our locations or to schedule a private appointment, please call or text (512) 436-3620.


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